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Portable Tablet Stage


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The Belkin Portable Tablet Stage lets you take advantage of the inherent capabilities of your tablet or smartphone at a fraction of the price. It positions your mobile device to record video or capture images of objects, textbooks, or documents. And its portable, folding design makes it easy to carry with you, so it's available whenever and wherever you need to teach a class or make a presentation. Set up the Stage and connect your tablet to a display system such as a projector, monitor, or HDTV, and you're ready to share real-time images and notes with your audience.

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  • Positions your device to capture images or live video of objects and text in document camera mode.
  • Enables efficient, effective collaboration and presentations in podium mode.
  • Folds into a flat, lightweight package for easy transport.
  • Adjusts easily for ergonomic use and ideal camera position.
  • Controls desktop clutter with integrated cable management.
  • Supports most tablets and smartphones, with or without cases.
  • Complements the Belkin Stage interactive whiteboard and document camera app.

AV Furniture

  • Type: Stand
  • Recommended Use: Web tablet
  • Features: Integrated cable management, adjustable angle, interactive whiteboard

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