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Racks & Enclosures

The Adjustable Air Manager mounts in the bottom of a Belkin RK1000 enclosure (on a raised floor) to bring data center conditioned air inside the enclosure closer to the equipment to be cooled. A simple slide on the Air Manager allows you to control the flow of conditioned air coming into the bottom of the cabinet. This increases air flow, lowering temperatures in the front of the equipment while maintaining air pressure.

Where to buy
  • Air manager for standard airflow mounts in bottom 1 RMU of enclosure
  • 600 CFM Fan Tray for standard airflow
  • Air manager for high airflow mounts in bottom 2 RMU of enclosure
  • 940 CFM Fan Tray for high airflow
  • Made in the USA
  • TAA compliant
  • Universal compatible with all brands


  • Product Type: Rack fan tray with 2 fans