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3-Port Headset Switch


Professionals today have many different options for voice communication which means at any one time, their desk may be cluttered with multiple headsets. The Belkin 3-port headset switch is a convenient and efficient solution that allows seamless switching between three communication devices while using a single headset. Simply connect a PC, mobile phone or an office telephone to the three available ports and connect a microphone headset to the console port. All cables connect to the back of the switch, leaving a clutter-free desktop and three buttons on the top of the unit provide quick, easy switching between devices.


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  • Allows the users to easily switch one headset between PC, office phone and mobile devices
  • Ports located on the back of the unit: Clean, thoughtful design means less clutter on the desk
  • Compatible with 3.5 mm connectors for hands-free sets and headsets
  • Dedicated Button panel interface that provides a momentary switching action
  • Status LEDs above each button give clear indication of which device is in use
  • Mute button that provides with status LED provides on/off switching action - disable or pause the microphone functionality



  • Product Type: Handset/headset switch


  • Features: LED indicator, mute switch