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Secure Peripherals

  • Cybersecurity


    Threats Don’t Stop at the Computer

    Secure Peripherals
Desktop Controller Unit (DCU)
Desktop Controller Unit (DCU)

With an easy and intuitive user interface, the Belkin Secure DCU enables browsing through available networks, with clear indication of selected channel numbers, programmable names and colors. The Belkin Secure DCU's customizable features significantly improve user's situational awareness, reduce clutter on the desk, and improves the overall user experience.

Common Access Card (CAC) Reader
Common Access Card (CAC) Reader

Designed for today's government user, Belkin’s secure CAC reader supports smart cards meeting ISO7816 standards, which include CAC and PIV. The reader also offers the broadest smart card compatibility, including Class A, B, C (5v, 3v, 1.8v), which makes it ideal to meet legacy, current, or future security needs. FIPS 201 and TAA compliant

Mounting Bracket
Mounting Brackets

KVM Mounting Brackets allow you to mount a Belkin Advanced Secure KVM Switch under a desk or cabinet - keeping the workstation free from clutter.

Belkin Secure Headset Adapter

GCN - 5 Ways to Protect Audio and Microphones from Malicious Exploits

GCN - 5 Ways to Protect Audio and Microphones from Malicious Exploits

A secret spy exists on nearly every computer: its microphone. Through remote access trojans (RATs) these hackers are finding their way into even the most secure government and corporate environments.

Belkin International, Luis Artiz

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These Belkin products are certified by NIAP to the latest Common Criteria Protection Profile PSS Ver 3.0, which exceeds EAL4 and PP PSS Ver. 2.1.

Belkin Secure Flip 2-port KVM switch
F1DN102F-3, F1DN102N-3, F1DN102V-3

Belkin Advanced Secure Ultra High Def KVM switch
F1DN104P-3, F1DN104W-3, F1DN104Q-3

Belkin Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM switch
F1DN104B-3, F1DN104C-3, F1DN104E-3, F1DN104F-3, F1DN108C-3, F1DN116C-3, F1DN108F-3

Belkin Advanced Secure KM Switch
F1DN102K-3, F1DN104K-3, F1DN108-K-3