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Belkin Government Solutions


    Solutions to enhance Cyber threat defense

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    Government - Solutions to enhance Cyber threat defense
  • Belkin solutions are Common Criteria certified to latest NIAP Protection Profile PSS ver 3.0

    Common Criteria certified
Secure Switching
Secure Switching

Belkin offers an ecosystem of products designed to isolate secure networks. Advanced Secure Switching solutions offer true data path isolation for superior security and data protection.

Secure peripherals

Threats don’t stop at the computer. Peripherals designed to improve a user’s experience also pose potential vulnerabilities. Belkin’s secure peripherals add a new level of protection at the desktop.

Versatile Connectivity

Belkin’s Secure KVM connectivity provides investment protection with reliable multi-platform support for the broadest range of current, legacy and future hardware and peripherals.

TAA Racks and Enclosures
TAA Racks and Enclosures

Belkin’s racks and enclosures are made in the USA and provide the essential structure and support for your network infrastructure, servers, and accessories. They improve the organization and efficiency of today’s most sophisticated I.T. environments.

Rack Consoles
TAA Rack Consoles

Belkin’s TAA compliant Rack Consoles save you valuable time and resources through an innovative, easy-to-use design. They allow installation to be perfomed quickly by a single person, while adjustable rails require no screws for setup.

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TAA Compliant Cables
TAA Compliant Cables

Fulfills US government regulations that a high percentage of all purchases are made from products manufactured in TAA-compliant countries.


Belkin Government Solutions

TAA Rack Consoles

CRN - Cyber Situational Awareness: Hurdling Multiple Level Security Barriers with Ease

CRN - Cyber Situational Awareness: Hurdling Multiple Level Security Barriers with Ease

As federal cybersecurity initiatives continue to increase in complexity and scope, situational awareness and work efficiency do not have to be compromised at the expense of data security when IT managers deploy PP 3.0 certified secure KVM solutions.

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CYBEREYE - New Protection Profile Brings Security to Valuable Desktop Real Estate

The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), which oversees implementation of Common Criteria security requirements for the NSA, has released an updated Protection Profile …..The first batch of products has been certified under the new profile, including three switches from Belkin, whose security features were used to help define the profile’s security baseline.

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GovCon – Belkin Gets NIAP Security Certification for KVM Switches

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WashingtonExec – Belkin Secure KVM Switching Solutions Earns NIAP Common Criteria Certification

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Carol Toti

These Belkin products are certified by NIAP to the latest Common Criteria Protection Profile PSS Ver 3.0, which exceeds EAL4 and PP PSS Ver. 2.1.

Belkin Secure Flip 2-port KVM switch
F1DN102F-3, F1DN102N-3, F1DN102V-3

Belkin Advanced Secure Ultra High Def KVM switch
F1DN104P-3, F1DN104W-3, F1DN104Q-3

Belkin Advanced Secure DVI-I KVM switch
F1DN104B-3, F1DN104C-3, F1DN104E-3, F1DN104F-3, F1DN108C-3, F1DN116C-3, F1DN108F-3

Belkin Advanced Secure KM Switch
F1DN102K-3, F1DN104K-3, F1DN108-K-3