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Business Solutions for Apple
Solutions to connect your workplace with efficiency and simplicity

Apple Business Solutions



Transform your workplace to be powerful, simple, and on the go with Business Solutions for Apple. Belkin Business offers the most up-to-date and user-friendly accessories to complement the Apple product experience. From iPhones to iPads & laptops, connect your entire workflow end to end.


Create a powerful desktop workspace with a single connection. The Belkin Thunderbolt™ Express Dock offers businesses a simple, powerful solution utilizing Thunderbolt™ technology – a single connection that creates high-speed, reliable transfers between one laptop and up to 8 other devices, moving data on two bidirectional 10Gbps channels, 20 times faster


Make everything about your workday faster, easier, and smarter with the Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad. Lightweight in design, with a base made of specially machined aluminum alloy, the case delivers a laptop-like typing experience and outstanding durability while maintaining a slim profile. The wireless keyboard delivers a laptop-like typing experience, helping you minimize errors and increase typing speed.  Make quick work of emails, word processing, messaging, and other typing-intensive work while minimizing errors and increasing speed.


Charge your iPhone or iPad in the office or on the go with the Belkin Car Charger and 4-ft Lightning ChargeSync cable. The smaller, more durable Lightning connector is reversible, which makes plugging it in easier than ever. Get unlimited play and standby time with the low-profile, universal design that fits flush into your dash. The included Lightning to USB cable can be used anywhere—plug it into your laptop to charge and sync, or use your own wall charger to charge from the wall.



Apple solutions designed to suit your proffesional needs